Table and Linen Size Chart

  1. Locate the table size you will be using
  2. Follow the column down to the desired effect you want the linen to produce.
  3. Staying in the same row, follow across to the far left to find the proper linen size.
Table Size 72" rd 66" rd 60" rd 48" rd 30" rd 30" rd tall 8' rect 6' rect
# of guests 10 to 12 9 to 11 8 to 10 6 to 8 2 to 4 2 to 4 8 to 10 6 to 8
Linen size
90" rd 9" drop 12" drop 15" drop (half) 21" drop to the floor 12" off the floor topper topper
108" rd 18" drop 21" drop 24" drop (half) to the floor   3" off the floor    
120" rd 24" drop 27" drop (half) to the floor     3" off the floor    
132" rd to the floor 3" on the floor            
60"x120"             15" (half) front/back 12" sides 15" (half) front/back 24" sides
90"x132"             to floor front/back 18" sides to the floor
90"x156"             to the floor  
54"x54" diamond in center diamond in center diamond in center 3" drop 12" drop 12" drop    
72"x72" diamond in center 3" drop 6" drop 12" drop   21" drop    
84"x84" 6" drop 9" drop 12" drop          
Table Skirting 19" needed 17" needed 16" needed 13" needed 8" needed   21' all sides
13' foot front and sides
17' all sides
11' front and sides

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